Well-attended jubilee frenzy kicks-off the jubilee

On 19 December, Lund University launched its 350th anniversary celebrations that will run for more than a year and include exciting theme weeks, open lectures, concerts, exhibitions and much more.

Hundreds of interested guests attended the opening celebrations inside the main University building – a day filled with intriguing exhibitions, film screenings, a tour of the newly renovated Pillar Hall and, not least, the distribution of the jubilee programme.


Hundreds of guests attended the opening celebrations inside the main University building, also known as the “jubilee frenzy”. Photo: C. Schubert

First graders, donors, students, staff, media and other friends of the University spent four hours mingling and listening to stories about the University’s 350 years history, studying the founding documents and other University objects, as well as participating in guided tours all around the main University building.

First graders also got the opportunity to meet the Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz outside the main University building as he handed them teddy bears in the shape of a lion – also found in the University seal.


Toy lions were handed out to first graders from around Lund by Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz, dressed in his traditional costume. Photo: C. Schubert

History buffs were also able to sit down and enjoy the new film “People and Places” which was screened continuously throughout the day. The film describes the founding of the University and its changing role throughout history, explained by knowledgeable historian Bengt Olle Bengtsson, who also initiated the film.

The chair of the LU350 Committee Göran Bexell introduced the film and gave an introductory lecture on the extensive work that has gone into the jubilee which has now taken off.


Göran Bexell shows off the much anticipated jubilee program – 180 pages filled with activities, events, concerts, exhibitions and much more. Photo: C. Schubert

Another exciting feature was provided by Björn Magnusson Staaf, associate professor of archaeology and senior lecturer in museology, and Fredrik Tersmeden, archivist at the University Archives.

They are both main authors of the University’s popular science jubilee book entitled “Lund University over 350 Years – History and Stories”. The book is about the University’s journey from a small provincial academy with 14 professors and 80 students to the major international university of today, recurrently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

A number of people were in the University building showing off historic treasures including staff-members from the University Library (UB) who had a number of exciting pieces such as ancient bibles, the world’s smallest book, hand-painted books and much more. The founding documents of the University signed by Hedvig Eleonora were on display as well as the traditional ensemble that the Vice-Chancellor wears on official occasions, including the chain, and previous jubilee medals.


The founding documents were on display for all guests to see. Photo: C. Schubert

The University merchandise developed specially for the jubilee, including the book and jubilee stamps, had a special place during the opening celebrations. Many visitors took this opportunity to fill their Christmas sacks with these attractive gifts.


Jubilee merchandise is available in our LU Shop on Winstrupsgatan 8 here in Lund. Photo: C. Schubert

The brand new jubilee programme, which was handed out for free, was also very popular among the visitors. The programme consists of 180 pages filled with all the events which will brighten up the coming year.

Download the program – in both Swedish and English – here.

Following the opening celebrations, the next item on the programme is the exhibition “Peder Winstrup and the Art of His Time” at the Historical Museum, which will give visitors an opportunity to see selected works from Lund University’s extensive art collection.

Learn more about our fundraising campaign that is active all throughout the jubilee.

Text by Oscar Heimburg, Donatorrelationer.

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