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Colin Blakemore – A Roller Coaster Life in Science

On a fall day in October 1971, the Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. hosted a rare group of visitors. A thousand-something-researchers from the bourgeoning field of neuroscience had gathered at the enormous property on the edge of Rock Creek Park. The hotel was known for being a watering hole for socialites and political dignitaries. The Blue Room nightclub, located on … Läs mer

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A dizzying dive into the human brain

Brain research is constantly taking new steps forward and currently permeates large parts of the University. Brain research is in a phase of rapid development, not least thanks to the continuous emergence of new technology. From 4 to 10 September, Lund University will invite the public on an exciting trip into our mental universe!

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Hisnande färd in i den mänskliga hjärnan

Hjärnforskningen tar ständigt nya kliv framåt och genomsyrar i dag stora delar av universitetet. Hjärnforskningen befinner sig i en snabb utveckling, inte minst tack vare all ny teknik som hela tiden tillkommer. I början av september, 4-10, bjuder Lunds universitet på en spännande färd in i vårt mentala universum!

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