Presentations from The Amazing Brain Symposium

A host of world renowned scientists, representing different facets of the neuroscience community, came to Lund University on 6 September to share their latest discoveries with the public. Presentations were held during the symposium “The Amazing Brain”, to a crowded Stadshallen here in Lund. Participants ranged from high-school students to professors and researchers within neuroscience and medicine.

During the full-day symposium these leading brain scientists helped unravel some of the secrets of how the brain works and helped to improve the understanding of how this jelly-like clump inside our skulls can generate everything from actions and emotions to thoughts, memories and conscience. The symposium was held as part of the science week “The Amazing Brain”, 4-10 September, organized as part of the Lund University 350th anniversary. 

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Interview with Sir Colin Blakemore:

See all presentations from The Amazing Brain symposium. All presentations, apart from Edvard Moser’s, is available on our Youtube channel:


september 12, 2017

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