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The science week entitled “The Digital Society” wants to create interaction between digital technology and different aspects of society. The public is invited to an exciting week to discuss where technology is headed, how it affects us and how we can control its development.

The two-day symposium The Digital Society will highlight and discuss different aspects of digitalisation. Photo: Shutterstock

Although digital technology is still under major development, it already has a firm grip on society. Many researchers at Lund University have a digital perspective, through their extensive work on technological innovations or their studies of the societal impact of digitisation. The digital society science week aims to capture the breadth and hopefully also stir things up.

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“We are in the midst of change, but we still have some choices to make. There are many examples of technologies that have been developed without any regard for the community for which it was intended. And vice versa – researchers are often reactive and simply state the outcome. Here we have an opportunity to work more proactively to build the society and the technology that we want”, says Per Runeson, professor of computer science at LTH.

Concert with music from video and computer games

The science week takes place on 24–30 April, but already on 23 April you can catch a sneak peek in the form of an opening concert featuring video game music (tickets have been sold-out but drop-in is still possible depending on available space).

To conclude the week, the Vattenhallen Science Centre and LUX will have robotics theme that weekend! The rest of the week is packed with seminars and conferences on everything from digital music creation and digital cultures to education and e-health. In the evening on 24 April, there will be a debate between researchers, politicians and opinion-makers in the classic format of Debatt i Lund answering the question “Will Digital Destroy or Develop Democracy“.

The main symposium during the first two days offers an interdisciplinary programme with numerous lectures and panel discussions. Most of the lecturers are from Lund University, but the four main speakers are invited guests. The entire symposium will be broadcast live on the LU jubilee website.

Illustration of our digital society (make sure you have the sound on!)

Exciting international guests

First up is Lawrence Lessig, professor at Harvard University in the U.S., who is primarily known for establishing the organisation called Creative Commons. He is followed by José van Dijck, media researcher at the University of Amsterdam, who will speak on the development and future of the platform society. Hu Yong, professor at the University of Beijing, will describe how the 700 million internet users in his home country navigate in what, due to current restrictions, can almost be seen as a Chinese intranet. Finally, Danica Kragic, professor and robotics researcher at KTH in Stockholm, will provide an interesting insight into the impending “robolution”.

Intelligent machines are changing the way we live and contribute to increased automation of dangerous, dirty and repetitive tasks. Per Runeson will also participate in the event by talking about his research on open innovation and how it leads to increased collaboration.

“This is a new way of thinking, but our research shows that it can be a great asset to open certain things up to your competitors. The basis for many applications and services is a platform which does not in itself generate any money. It would be a major benefit if several operators would share the responsibility for keeping the platform up to date. Then everyone could sell their respective goods and services on that market.”

The science week The Digital Society has about 20 planned events. Download the program!

april 5, 2017

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