How do we achieve gender justice in diplomacy?

Global politics and diplomacy are today confronted with some major challenges, which pose as threats to international peace and security. The quest for a peaceful and legitimised global order is of vital concern for us all. Yet, in the spheres of diplomacy and peace negotiations women are still either absent or grossly underrepresented.

A recently held symposium addressed some of the major questions regarding gender justice in global politics and peace diplomacy, such as where are the women? How is gender related to the decline of armed conflict? Which paths can be taken towards a more inclusive and gender-just peace diplomacy?

Watch the symposium: Towards a Peaceful Global Order and Gender Justice in Diplomacy

The symposium was organized BY PUFENDORF PROFESSOR KARIN AGGESTAM as part of the Lund University 350th anniversary celebrations and included guests such as

Margot Wallström, Foreign Minister of Sweden.
Margot Wallström has previously served as Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict (2010-2012), First Vice President of the European Commission for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy and European Commissioner for the Environment.

Watch Margot Wallström’s presentation “A feminist foreign policy and diplomacy as a tool for peace and gender equality”

Joshua Goldstein, Professor, American University, University of Massachusetts
Prof. Goldstein is the winner of the International Studies Association of Book of the Decade Award and among others author of Winning the War on War (2011), War and Gender (2001).

Thania Paffenholz, Director, Geneva Institute
Dr Paffenholz is internationally renowned for her work on and in support of peace and political transition processes worldwide. In recognition of her work, Dr. Paffenholz received the prestigious Wihuri International Prize in 2015.

Ann Towns, Associate Professor, Gothenburg University
Prof. Towns has a large research project on gender norms, practices and hierarchies in diplomacy. Towns is the author of Women and States: Norms and Hierarchies in International Society.

Symposium panel discussion moderated by Professor Karin Aggestam:

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