Celebration of the love nest of Lund

Love@Lund. Lust, infatuation and love involve three different chemical processes, and human beings have no problem – chemically speaking – to maintain these systems with different people at the same time. So said Ulf Ellervik during the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Ett av tusentals kärlekspar som fastnat för varandra i Lund, Gabriel och Rikke, som också fanns förevigade på fotoutställningen. Bild: Maria Johansson

“But socially it can, of course, create problems”, says Ulf Ellervik who gave a lecture on the chemistry of love on Valentine’s Day. The name of the event was Love@Lund and it was part of the University’s 350th anniversary celebration. Ulf Ellervik is a professor of chemistry and has also appeared as a summer guest host on Swedish radio, and as a television host on the programme Grym kemi (Awesome chemistry).

“Furthermore, when we fall in love we lose judgement and are unable to see any flaws whatsoever in the other person. You can therefore never talk someone out of a love”, he says. “Being in love involves a special chemical reaction in the body, and people can be in love for 18 months at the most. Short but sweet….”

“Still, this is a very long time compared to how long animals stay in love. With birds, for instance, it only lasts three seconds”, says Ulf Ellervik.

Ulf Ellervik under inspelningarna av ”Grym Kemi” Foto: Gunnar Menander.

Love@Lund also included mingling and a photo exhibition showing lovers who met in Lund. The event was a way for the alumni network at LU to showcase Lund as an unbeatable love hub, where many people find the love of their life. One of the many love stories that started here is the one between Rikke and Gabriel. LUM meet with them in front of the large photo of the couple and their three children by a large tree.

“One dark December night, when I was walking through the Botanical Garden, Gabriel suddenly jumped down from this tree and scared me”, says Rikke.

“And somehow it worked – we have soon been together for 20 years and have three children”, says Gabriel.

The evening ended with a schmaltzy concert with members of the Palaestra vocal ensemble.

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