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What have the Lund students looked like throughout history?

During the jubilee, there will be a travelling exhibition on what Lund students have looked like and what they have studied throughout history. They are fictional but largely represent the students who have attended Lund University. If you would like to see the travelling exhibition of students, please see the below locations and dates for when it will be on … Läs mer

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Disasters evermore?

How do we adapt to an ever changing and increasingly uncertain world? And what are the consequences of our growing interconnectedness and interdependence when it comes to risk management? These topics were explored in the symposium “Disasters Evermore? Past, Present and Future Risk in an Uncertain World”, to raise awareness about global and local disaster risk, the challenges and potential … Läs mer

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The female pioneers – the ones who paved the way at Lund University

Imagine not daring to wear your student cap or to walk home alone after your public defence…. Letters and diary entries show that for the first women in higher education, this was nothing unusual.

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Risk Today and in the Future

Risks are changing in character and becoming more overlapping, especially as countries are highly interdependent and connected to each other. Professor Mo Hamza from the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety at Lund University, also the organizer of the symposium on 7 March, discusses the risks of today and of the future: What are some of the greatest risks … Läs mer

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Why gender matters in peace diplomacy

“Women constitute 15 per cent of ambassadors, 4-5 per cent of peacemakers, and 9 per cent of peace negotiators in global diplomacy”, says Karin Aggestam, Pufendorf professor in political science at Lund University and organizer of the symposium. At the same time, there is today a growing international recognition that promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment can contribute to a … Läs mer

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Well-attended jubilee frenzy kicks-off the jubilee

On 19 December, Lund University launched its 350th anniversary celebrations that will run for more than a year and include exciting theme weeks, open lectures, concerts, exhibitions and much more. Hundreds of interested guests attended the opening celebrations inside the main University building – a day filled with intriguing exhibitions, film screenings, a tour of the newly renovated Pillar Hall … Läs mer

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An open meeting place for you and your bike during the jubilee

Bicycle parts in various combinations will become a meeting place in connection with the University’s 350th anniversary. The aim is to lighten up science with something easy and playful and provide a link between the city and academia. The project that is currently underway was created by second-year industrial design programme students Helena Hägg and Martin Paulsson. You could call … Läs mer

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