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Making progress on decoding thoughts from the human brain

What if you’re able to register other people speaking to you, understand them, but not have the ability to talk back? Professor Robert T Knight, University of California, Berkeley, is working towards helping people who suffer from these kinds of impediments. Professor Knight begins his lecture at the Lund University brain symposium with showing the audience a video of himself … Läs mer

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Presentations from The Amazing Brain Symposium

A host of world renowned scientists, representing different facets of the neuroscience community, came to Lund University on 6 September to share their latest discoveries with the public. Presentations were held during the symposium ”The Amazing Brain”, to a crowded Stadshallen here in Lund. Participants ranged from high-school students to professors and researchers within neuroscience and medicine. During the full-day … Läs mer

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Colin Blakemore – A Roller Coaster Life in Science

On a fall day in October 1971, the Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. hosted a rare group of visitors. A thousand-something-researchers from the bourgeoning field of neuroscience had gathered at the enormous property on the edge of Rock Creek Park. The hotel was known for being a watering hole for socialites and political dignitaries. The Blue Room nightclub, located on … Läs mer

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A dizzying dive into the human brain

Brain research is constantly taking new steps forward and currently permeates large parts of the University. Brain research is in a phase of rapid development, not least thanks to the continuous emergence of new technology. From 4 to 10 September, Lund University will invite the public on an exciting trip into our mental universe!

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“Universities have the potential to engage and connect people at all scales with the ‘everyday’ consequences of a warming world”

To mark the ongoing Sustainability Week – which is part of Lund University’s 350th anniversary celebration – we feature a blog from Emily Boyd, Director of Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, LUCSUS.

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Celebration of the love nest of Lund

Love@Lund. Lust, infatuation and love involve three different chemical processes, and human beings have no problem – chemically speaking – to maintain these systems with different people at the same time. So said Ulf Ellervik during the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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Five things you perhaps didn’t know about water!

In preparation of the World Water Day on 22 March 2017 we have listed five things you perhaps did not know about water. This list is based on some of the lectures that Lund University will present during a symposium for 350 highschool students. The symposium on March 22 will discuss both today’s and future water challenges and end with … Läs mer

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How do we achieve gender justice in diplomacy?

Global politics and diplomacy are today confronted with some major challenges, which pose as threats to international peace and security. The quest for a peaceful and legitimised global order is of vital concern for us all. Yet, in the spheres of diplomacy and peace negotiations women are still either absent or grossly underrepresented. A recently held symposium addressed some of … Läs mer

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What have the Lund students looked like throughout history?

During the jubilee, there will be a travelling exhibition on what Lund students have looked like and what they have studied throughout history. They are fictional but largely represent the students who have attended Lund University. If you would like to see the travelling exhibition of students, please see the below locations and dates for when it will be on … Läs mer

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Disasters evermore?

How do we adapt to an ever changing and increasingly uncertain world? And what are the consequences of our growing interconnectedness and interdependence when it comes to risk management? These topics were explored in the symposium ”Disasters Evermore? Past, Present and Future Risk in an Uncertain World”, to raise awareness about global and local disaster risk, the challenges and potential … Läs mer

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